Investors' information

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, It has become a good tradition that, despite the market situation, all annual reports presenting the Bank and the Capital Group’s activity you receive outline satisfactory financial results. Each year, we also highlight relevant, positive changes related to organizational...
  • Selected financial data of the PKO Bank Polski SA Group in years 2010-2013
  • On 17 April 2013 the Bank’s Management Board passed a resolution and decided to submit to the ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Bank its recommendation for the payment of dividend for 2012 in the amount of PLN 2 250.0 million, i.e. PLN 1.80 per share.
  • Share price of PKO Bank Polski SA In 2013, the share price of PKO Bank Polski SA was mainly determined by the situation on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).
  • PKO Bank Polski SA makes every effort to ensure that periodic reports maintained the highest standards in respect of professionalism and fair information.
  • Currently, the financial reliability ratings of PKO Bank Polski SA are awarded by three meaningful rating agencies: Moody’s, Fitch, Standard & Poor’s.
  • s at 31 December 2013, the share capital of PKO Bank Polski SA amounted to PLN 1 250 000 thousand and consisted of 1 250 000 thousand shares with nominal value of PLN 1 each – shares are fully paid. In relation to the end of 2012 there were no changes in the share capital of PKO Bank Polski SA.