Charity activities of the PKO Bank Polski SA’s Foundation

In 2013, the PKO Bank Polski SA’s Foundation allocated approx. PLN 11.26 million for programme-related activities , including PLN 9.75 million for strategic projects and above PLN 1.51 million for local and individual projects.

Charity activities play an important role in forming image of PKO Bank Polski SA as an institution that notices the significance of corporate social responsibility. Apart from the image issues, participation in charity activities creates also the possibility of contacts with organisations operating in third sector with opinion-setting circles. The charity activities of the Bank are carried out through the PKO Bank Polski SA’s Foundation established in 2010. The purpose of the Foundation is to act on behalf of the Bank and its Group for public benefit in the following and areas: education, social aid, health protection and promotion, culture and arts, environment protection, activities supporting development of local communities and promoting social causes in the banking sector.

The strategic objectives of the Foundation of PKO Bank Polski SA are defined as:

  • supporting people and organisations involved in charity through co-financing of projects aimed at building social solidarity in several programme areas and promoting employee volunteerism among employees of the Bank and the Group,
  • strengthening the common bond of stakeholders - employees, customers, cooperating companies, shareholders, representatives of state and local government - with the brand of its Founder, 
  • promoting a new operating model of the non-governmental organisation associated with the corporate brand.

The execution of these tasks builds strong relations between the Bank and the community and improves mutual trust.

The main source of financing of tasks of the Foundation is a grant from the Founder (PLN 9.8 million). Additional funds for grants came from the profit generated during the non-cash transactions made by customers of Inteligo associated with two affinity cards: PSS (PLN 1.64 million) and ‘Dobro procentuje’ (PLN 0.24 million). In addition, the Foundation used a part of funds from provisions from previous years.

In 2013, the PKO Bank Polski SA’s Foundation allocated approx. PLN 11.26 million for programme-related activities , including PLN 9.75 million for strategic projects and above PLN 1.51 million for local and individual projects. The Foundation carries out tasks mainly through the establishment of strategic partnerships with selected social organisations, which are the innovator and driving force of the development of civil society in Poland.

Main areas of charity activities of PKO Bank Polski SA’s Foundation in 2013

The involvement of the Foundation in 2013 included 29 strategic projects, mainly:

  1. In the area of EDUCATION, strengthening of substantive and financial cooperation with SIEMACHA Association, in promoting programmes of social solidarity-building with children and youth at risk of exclusion, taking on new tasks related to the development of talent in this social group, and improving the functionality of the objects used in the educational process took place in 2013. A support given to Jagiellonian Cultural and Educational Society ‘Jagiellonian Club’ (Klub Jagielloński) for realisation of the project ‘Academy of Modern Patriotism’ (Akademia Nowoczesnego Patriotyzmu), addressed to secondary school students, was a new task.
  2. In the area of TRADITION, the Foundation established a strategic partnership with three organisations concerned with the education of children and youth in patriotic spirit (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association – ‘ZHP’ received additional financing for competition ‘Niezwyczajni 2013’ for the best scouts of ‘ZHP’, Scouts of the Republic of Poland Association for carrying out the urban game ‘Zakonspiruj Poznań’ and the establishment and granting Maciej Frankiewicz award, while the Society of Friends of the Rifle Association ‘Shooter’ (Strzelec) for supporting some of the statutory activities, focused on the formation of civil and pro-social attitude among the young generation). Two grants: for prizes for the winners of the ‘Sprzączki i guziczki z orzełkiem ze rdzy…’ contest, conducted by the Public Education Office of the Institute of National Remembrance and the ‘Intergeneration Dialogue’ (Dialog Międzypokoleniowy) programme for the people who have contributed to the life democratisation in Poland, were provided in collaboration with the ‘Wspólnota Pokoleń’ Foundation. In addition, the Foundation is the patron of the Jan Rodowicz Anoda award, granted by the Warsaw Rising Museum.
  3. In the area of HEALTH, the Banking Honourable Blood Donation was organised. The aim is to educate a new generation of honourable blood donors recruited from both employees of PKO Bank Polski SA and the Group, as well as circles of other socially sensitive environments.
  4. In the area of HOPE, cooperation with the Disabled Drivers Help Association ‘SPiNKa' in the ‘Mobilność osób niepełnosprawnych’ project, was continued. Similarly, cooperation with the WIOSNA Association was continued, through supporting the volunteer training system of 13th edition of the nationwide assistance campaign ‘Szlachetna Paczka’. Cooperation with the Centre for Missing People ITAKA is a new task.
  5. In the area of CULTURE, grant was used to support the Independence Day Concert 2013, organised this year by the Dziedzictwo Rzeczpospolitej Foundation.
  6. In the area of ECOLOGY, at the strategic level, the Foundation has been cooperating for two years with the Ecological and Cultural Association Klub Gaja, realising together an educational project ‘Adopt a river’ (Zaadoptuj rzekę), directed both to children, youth and adults.

Local and individual projects are another important area of activity of the Foundation. The purpose of realisation of these tasks is solving problems by local communities, including the involvement of both legal entities, operating in the area: non-governmental organisations (e.g. foundations, associations), local government units or public utility institutions (e.g. schools), and (in selected projects) employees of PKO Bank Polski SA.

In all, in this category, more than 232 Local and Individual Projects all over Poland were covered by grants. As part of the assistance, provided to individuals within the banking programme ‘Let’s run together…’ (Biegajmy razem…) the initiative to organise Charitable Running Action for people in need was made.